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Sources for Local Growers and High Quality Products
Barefoot Botanicals is a 10 acre medicinal herb farm in Doylestown PA. Linda Shanahan and her husband Eric Vander Hyde provide organically grown herbs to their community via their website and at the Doylestown Farmer's Market. Linda is an RN And clincial herbalist, with years of experience wildcrafting, growing and working with herbs, and my go to herb mentor! 
Tooth of the Lion's mission is to be a farm­-based apothecary, offering products that improve the quality of life and well-being of our communities. We are committed to building an accessible, local medicine movement in the mid­-Atlantic; fostering a sense of place through the production of high-­quality and unique botanical products; and cultivating connections between people and non­-human nature. I serve as the Apothecary Manager at Tooth of the Lion.
Though unrelated to herbs, I also work in production and wholesale outreach with The Kitchen Garden Series, a line of heriloom quality textiles, made from reclaimed materials. 25% of our proceeds is donated to urban farms growing food for their communities in Philadelphia. We offer linen rentals for events, and a wide line of items, but you might find our reusable coffee filters, tea bags, and produce storage bags useful for your medinical preparations and ecological lifestyle!